About Firefly

With headquarters in historic Brunswick, Maine, Firefly is a leading software and design group in northern New England, specializing in immersive, dynamic design, with a focus on integrating different media into a cohesive whole. Our expertise ranges from video and interactive web applications to traditional graphic design and print.

Since 2004, Firefly has produced top-tier projects for clients throughout North America and Western Europe. Our websites have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and The New York Times, and editing projects by our video team have aired on the History Channel, PBS, and other national outlets. Firefly’s groundbreaking technologies have earned widespread recognition and enabled Firefly to become a recipient of grants from both the Libra Future Fund and the Maine Technology Institute. Firefly has also been showcased as Featured Entrepreneur(s) in Maine Biz Magazine. Active in scholarly research and commercial development alike: Firefly’s software research has resulted in a patent candidate for novel methods in educational scoring.

A team of highly skilled professionals, Firefly’s management is composed of Sound & Motion Specialist, Ryan Shepheard; Lead Programmer, Jonathon Duckworth; and President, Jeremy Usher: each are 15-year industry veterans.

Proponents of best-practice development processes: Firefly has established itself in the vanguard of standards based design, utilizing web-based technologies like CSS, XML/XHTML, and ECMA-262 (“JavaScript”), while supporting honored application development processes like model-view-controller architecture, object-oriented programming and normalized database design.

Because Firefly utilizes robust coding practices, our software projects allow for uncommon extensibility and longevity. Meanwhile, because of the future proofing inherent to using current best practices and web standards, and thanks to a strict separation of content from presentation, Firefly sites are simple to redesign if needed, and easily transform into low-graphic and handheld versions.

From web accessibility initiatives to progressive enhancement and mobile apps, Firefly maintains an active interest in the newest developments for the web.

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