The advent of the Web forever changed the way small business interacts with technology. From the 1960s onward, large organizations spent enormous resources on custom software. For the leaders of industry, automation fufilled the longstanding promise that technology could raise profits, reduce costs and streamline operations.

Computational power solved formerly intractable problems, like the routing and overnight delivery of packages by FedEx and UPS, or the sophisticated automation of modern factories. But custom software remained in the rarified air of only the best-funded businesses, with costs largely prohibitive for small business owners.

With the explosion of web based systems in the late 1990s, all of this began to change. Applications formerly confined to the Desktop were now possible in the Cloud; E-commerce sales skyrocketed; and - in the form of websites - a degree of custom software was now in the hands of all businesses. 

It is in this light that Firefly believes that Fortune 500 organizations are not the only ones to have a use for custom software. We can all benefit from automation and intelligent solutions to complex problems. This need is what drove us to develop one of the most streamlined frameworks for web application development available.

Codenamed Apollo, Firefly's multi-user, data-first, e-commerce enabled framework features prototyping and development times in hours, not weeks. Apollo is specifically honed to solve problems for small and medium sized business at a pace few could imagine from sister solutions like Zend, Symfony or even RAILS.  

We're specialists in programming that exists in the Cloud, and on the Web - scalable, powerful and availiable everywhere. So bring us your problem, and we'll devise a solution that stands the test of time.




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